The ACCC’s Digital Platform Inquiry and the Implications for your Business

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has made 23 recommendations in its final report of its Digital Platforms Inquiry into Google and Facebook. We’ve put in the hard yards for you and provided a snapshot of the Inquiry’s findings and recommendations and the potential impact to your business. If you do want to read…More

Google Maps Platform Changes

As you may have heard, Google recently announced changes to Google Maps, introducing a new “pay-as-you-go” billing system to be implemented on the 11th June, 2018. These changes are mainly directed at developers using advanced APIs, however this change will affect all businesses currently using Google Maps. To maintain current functionality, you need a registered account and billing method to receive an API key. Without…More

Navigating Government | Bridging the Gap Between Private & Public

It’s not new news that government procurement processes are difficult to navigate – with limited opportunities for small and medium digital service providers to get a foot in the door. I had the privilege of joining a mix of government representatives and private suppliers at Canberra’s Open Opportunity Conference late last year. The intent of…More

Chatbots – Fad or Future?

The increasing interaction and popularity with online messaging has driven waves of investment and buzz into chatbots. But are they just a fad, or could they really be part of our digital future? We are using digital messaging more than ever Today more than 86% Australians are accessing the internet from their mobile phone1. Users…More

Driving Digital Transformation

I was recently asked to provide some perspectives on how we help companies adopt digital capabilities to improve their performance and outcomes.  Acuity magazine is the much respected monthly magazine published for the 117,000 members of Chartered Accountants in Australia and New Zealand. Since setting up Lenox Hill over 3 years ago, we’ve had the…More