The Pandemic and the Online Learning System

Lenox Hill’s observations from isolation

As pandemic restrictions begin to lift and we start to adjust to the new normal, we’ve taken a moment to reflect on the projects that we’ve been delivering on recently. A number of the projects have a common thread, building and supporting online learning platforms to support students of all ages. Covid-19 has sent this need to digitise learning into hyper-drive.

Covid-19, the catalyst for changing the way we learn forever

Even before Covid-19, the education technology industry was fast growing. In 2019 it was predicted that global online education would be a US $350 Billion business by 2025, a tripling in revenue over a 10-year period. It’s safe to say that, thanks to Covid-19, this number will be smashed long before 2025.

Globally over 1.38 billion students are currently out of the classroom

The provision of education for schools and universities has changed dramatically over the last few months and some of the changes are likely here to stay.


Which leads us to our next observation ….

The rise of Edtech, breaking down the barriers of traditional education programs

Edtech companies are investing heavily in their Learning Management Systems (LMS) and expanding them to incorporate corporate and employee training modules as well as the more traditional education packages. This trend recognises the growing requirements of consumers to learn online and opens up learning opportunities to people who may otherwise not have been able to commit to in-person learning; due to physical location. work, family commitments, cost etc.

The Covid-19 pandemic could just see Edtech rise from disruptor to become a mainstream offering in the education system.


It’s not just about UX, we need to consider the LX as well

We’re calling it… an emerging trend for 2020 is the evolution of user experience to incorporate learner experience. Shaping the classroom (virtual and otherwise) of 2020 and beyond and creating digital and blended learning experiences that are student-centric, engaging, productive and most importantly, respond to the fact that when it comes to learning one size doesn’t fit all.


So, what has all of this looked like in practice for Lenox Hill? Here are just some of the ways we’ve helped our clients digitise their education programs:

Digitising the classroom for Catholic Education

In response to the prediction that Term 2 would be taught online, Catholic Education chose to deploy Teams in schools across two states on the East Coast to support the rapid transformation to digital learning.

Over a two-week sprint, Lenox Hill was responsible for developing and delivering an approachable and engaging multi-audience communications strategy, supported by the creation of guidebooks and brochureware, to bring all users; students, teachers, parents and principles, along the digital journey.

With the announcement that schools would start to reopen from early Term 2, we are now working to define a blended learning model where the ongoing use of Teams can enrich the learning experience.

Expanding the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) WA’s e-learning horizons

Lenox Hill is building a new Moodle LMS for CCI to support the expansion of its online training and education capabilities. This fully integrated platform will provide users with an end to end online learning experience from course selection and payment through to receipt of certificates for successful course completion. Not only is this a bonus for WA-based businesses and individuals who wish to leverage training and education content at their own convenience but it will also be available for inter-state consumers.

If you’ve got an LMS project that you’d like to talk to us about or you need a hand getting online, give us yodel.


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