Meet the Hill tribe.

Our team is small but perfectly formed. Our diverse skill sets allow us to take a 360o view of the digital landscape your company is operating in. Design, technology, user experience, return on investment – you’ll see everything from the Hill.

New York. Sydney. Melbourne. Singapore. Perth. Jane literally has a world of experience in all things digital and marketing. After 25 years of working for the power players and some very long titles (Head of Online and Lead Global Advisor at Merrill Lynch & Co, Worldwide Head of Marketing, e-Business for Deloitte) she founded Lenox Hill.

As Chief of the Hill tribe, Jane is the big picture strategist who analyses how to make digital and innovative technology deliver big-time for your business – no matter how big or small. Just some of the companies she has guided on their digital transformation journey include Bankwest, TAFE Queensland, P&N Bank, Synergy, Telethon Kids Institute, John Hughes, the Catholic Education Office and Microsoft.

Along the way, she has won a mantelpiece full of international awards including three while at Merrill and seven digital/communication awards from her time as Head of Digital at Bankwest. Another nice bit of paper she’s collected is an Honours Degree in Commerce.

While awards are nice, as a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and Chair of the Institute’s Business Advisory Committee her focus is on maximizing your R.O.I.

And because life wasn’t quite busy enough running her own business and looking after two teen sons and a very large groodle, she is also a member of UWA’s Ambassadorial Council and sits on several boards.

Dd’s been in the digital strategy game for over a year now, seamlessly transitioning into the team with her stabilising influence and unparalleled listening skills. Her dedication to large volumes of long, sporadic naps is exceeded only by her commitment to trespassing into our neighbouring office.

As head of security, Dd manages all online virus and bug protection programs for our clients, in addition to safeguarding the Lenox Hill workspace with her naturally authoritative presence.

Alex's superpowers are understanding complex systems, remaining levelheaded in a panic and identifying which elements he actually has control over. Which kind of makes him Lenox Hill's Yoda - although he identifies more with Nikola Tesla.

Either way, he's our digiguru who is as comfortable on the tools as he is in planning and management roles. And what a toolbox it is! His skills include programming, data manipulation, DevOps provisioning and processes, system integrations, software and system architecture, app development, data visualization and risk assessment. Now you know how he developed that superpower for understanding systems with many dimensions and moving parts.

Alex has the answers, without any of the ego. His approach is to listen, listen, listen so he can form a clear understanding of the project, your business and team. That level head will assess when to spend and when to save, so you achieve the most pragmatic solution.

Yoda’s mantra of, "Always pass on what you have learned" is pure Alex. He views challenges as an opportunity for a business to learn, adapt and move on as efficiently as possible. May the force of Alex be with you.

Sean is a recent Curtin graduate with a passion for digital design and development. If this aspiring Full Stack Developer doesn’t quite match the ‘skinny-geek-in-a-hoodie’ stereotype, it’s because he used to be personal trainer and champion swimmer. He is still an expert in bringing people along on a journey of transformation, only it is your digital platform that will end up ‘fit as’.

His goal with every project is to create digital experiences that challenge the status quo of design. This is a guy who loves his craft beer and pizza as much as his protein shakes and push-ups, so he knows how to develop digital that delights, with lean efficient code. Just to add to the paradox that is Sean, he’s also a self-proclaimed weeb (google it) and anime addict.

When your Full Stack Developer is also a Wing Chun instructor, you know you’ll get a digital solution that kicks serious butt. Chen is an IT Bruce Lee with an unbeatable skill set; he’s devoted his life to the digital arts and is an experienced practitioner in the fields of hardware, software and web. He’s an AWS Certified Solutions Architect, with a black belt in cloud-based services and solutions. Front End Development? He’s got your back. Whatever arena you need help in, you can count on Chen to come to the rescue.

Balancing all that tech muscle is an artist’s eye – Chen is also a talented digital graphic designer. While he loves a horror movie, he’ll ensure your website only creates feeling of happiness and joy. Hiyah!

Technically, Sarah has over twelve years of experience in all things web development. According to Marc Anthony* logic however, by turning her passion into her profession she’s never worked a day in her life.

A true digital native, Sarah spent her teens building websites for fun. By the time uni rolled around, the childhood ambition of Marine Biology was out and a Bachelor of Communications at ECU, with a double major in Interactive Media and Film & Video, was in.

Like any born web developer, she’s fluent in all things anime as well as (but of course not limited to!) HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Magento, WordPress, Shopify and responsive web development.

Sarah is proud to be a kick-ass web developer in a field usually dominated by her hoodie-wearing online gaming brethren. A strong problem solver, she loves creating feature-rich solutions with an emphasis on usability and performance.

Which talent would Sarah most like to have? Hacker, of course.

* ‘If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life.’
Marc Anthony (the Roman General, not J.Lo’s ex.)

When you’re nearly six foot two inches tall, you naturally develop a clear perspective on things. Nicole is our all-seeing Customer and Data Analyst. The speed and strategy she once brought to the netball court as a WAIS athlete, she now brings to digital marketing. A proven team player, she enhances the Lenox Hill line-up with skills in customer experience, user design thinking, analytics and platform enhancement.

She loves the dizzying pace at which digital marketing moves and the endless possibilities it presents. She believes while the tech is continually changing, the purpose remains the same - to build authentic connection. Her big tip: video content is set to be the new standard.

Her killer instinct for business was developed during a 6-month Entrepreneurship Program at UCLA in the USA, as part of her Curtin University B.Comm. Her mentor was an ex-producer of Shark Tank, so she knows how to spot the winning idea. Her formidable work ethic comes from spending summers picking grapes on her family’s vineyard in the Swan Valley.

Being an athlete turned analyst, she loves a win. For Nicole, there’s no better feeling than delivering a project that has a real impact on your business.

Ok, so Lauren’s dream of becoming a back-up dancer for Justin Timberlake didn’t quite pan out. However, the discipline that went into years of tap and ballet lessons, the talent for working closely with others to create something amazing and the ability to listen intently before acting, haven’t gone to waste.

Since graduating from Curtin Uni with a Bachelor of Journalism in 2014, Lauren has performed her magic in government and across the construction, travel and automotive industries.

She has overseen the website review for a local government. She has managed to get local businesses and the community singing from the same songbook on a major Perth road project. She has developed strategic marketing plans for one of WA’s largest car dealership networks, increasing their R.O.I on marketing spend. She even managed to squeeze in a Master of Communication Management at Murdoch University, in 2017.

Since joining Lenox Hill she’s actively worked on a large variety of clients in the disability services sector, a tech start up, a global software company and a large retail client. Now this senorita is tapping into all her skills and experience to bring sexyback to customer experience. Not a bad thing!

What do you get if you cross a cruciverbalist (a.k.a. a cryptic crossword addict) with a Compliance, Fraud and Anti-Money Laundering expert? The answer is our very smart Alex - a champion problem solver with the ability to think three steps ahead.

Alex honed her business strategy skills in the UK, where she held Senior Management roles for a number of banks and financial service providers, including the esteemed Lloyds TSB.

In Australia, she moved from trying to thwart baddies to delivering the goodies for Bankwest. As head of credit cards, personal loans and insurance, she held Executive Management responsibility for product development, management and marketing, pricing and customer experience. She’s done loads in the area of marketing automation and in delivering new products and experiences to key audiences.

Not wanting to be a banker all her life, she worked in Aged Care, before bringing her 20 years of Senior Management experience to digital.

Alex knows what makes people tick, spend, save and push the boundaries – extremely useful in a Digital and Business Strategist.

Nicknamed ‘Google’ at school (for her large eyes but it should have been for her even larger brain), it is any wonder that Cat has become a digital dynamo?

Cat has led the scoping, planning and executing of major digital strategies for some of Australia’s most respected brands including Telethon Kids Institute, TAFE Queensland, Lifeline Australia and Perth Energy. She’s also worked for global players like Microsoft in Asia Pac and a tech start up out of New York.

Cat also loves helping little guys leverage the same techniques to achieve the same results too.

While she prides herself on delivering projects that feel simple and effortless from the user’s experience, the reality is it takes a carefully considered content strategy, disciplined UX definition, up-to-the minute tech optimisation - and an endless supply of lollies and Gummi Worms.

In her pre-Lenox life Cat worked in-house as the marketing and digital strategist for a national legal firm and publishing company, so she appreciates what it’s like to sit on your side of the table. From paid and organic search project management through to a complete digital transformation, her ‘google’ eyes ensure you don’t miss a trick.

If Shaun could only eat one food for the rest of his life, it would be pizza. It’s mobile and versatile, with a base that supports a million toppings. Oh, and is pretty much the embodiment of where he sees digital heading: a seamless mix of technologies that deliver amazing experiences.

To ensure you have the right digital base upon which to build your brand, Shaun specialises in requirements gathering, data analysis, user experience definition and technology solution design. He is the Heston Preston* of evaluating technology platforms, with a highly refined digital palate to create a drool-worthy digital operating model for your organisation.

As the recipe for successful digital is always evolving, Shaun is right across emerging technologies like chatbot and marketing automation too.

The proof is in the pudding. Shaun has delivered successful digital project of all sizes and complexities for clients including P&N Bank, TAFE Queensland, Essential Energy (NSW), Synergy, GrainCorp and RAC (WA).

*Matt Preston + Heston Blumenthal = critical + creative

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