Key Client Synergy Wins Digital Accolades

The team at Lenox Hill are delighted to congratulate Synergy on being awarded the best digital experience in the utilities sector across Australia.  A terrific achievement for the team and we’re so proud to have been part of this program of work.  A fantastic outcome and great to see the hard work pay off.  Here’s the latest…..

SAP Australian Digital Experience Report 2016

Key insights

SAP has recently released their annual Digital Experience Findings Report for 2016. The Report looks at seven core Australian industries, ranking them against the competition based on their delivery of positive digital experience attributes. The criteria defined below spans the functional and task-driven elements, through to personalised, emotive attributes.

Digital Experience Attributes

Source – SAP Australian Digital Experience Report 2016

What the stats say

Across the board, digital performance and subsequent customer experience among Australian business sectors has seen a broad improvement in the past 18 months. However, a significant divide still remains between what customers want from their digital experience and what they’re actually getting – with “only one brand in 34 achieving a positive digital experience score*.”

Key findings

  1. Digital transformation is increasingly top of mind for Aussie businesses, partly due to a recognition of the strengthening relationship between a good digital experience and improved commercial outcomes.
  2. Net Promoter Score (NPS) and customer loyalty are directly impacted by the online environment, with ‘customers being five times more likely to remain loyal to a brand if they are delighted with their digital experience.’
  3. Customers are more willing to provide private data online if their experience is positive. Given data capture is integral to so many business’ core functionality, it’s time to start thinking about how to go above and beyond in giving customers personalised service in return for their valuable data
  4. Disrupters (brands that are born digital) deliver a better experience overall than established companies that have had to adjust their organisational direction to “meet the new normal.”
  5. Broadly, Australian businesses are improving their delivery of ‘essential’ experience functionality (availability, simplicity, responsiveness). On the flipside, there was an underwhelming amount of attention paid to the emotive end of the spectrum (creating experiences that are engaging/exciting, personalised, predict customer needs)

The leaders

The media/entertainment and grocery retail sectors led the pack, focusing on the execution of customer-centric, personally-tailored journeys.

The utilities sector made up the most ground in the past year, increasing its digital experience score by an incredible 11 percentage points.  In this sector, Synergy took out the top spot.

The team here worked with Synergy and Meerkats to define and implement the strategic digital overhaul, which the CEO, Jason Waters describes as – a “pivotal program of work in ensuring our future competitiveness.”

Insights from the report….

  • When businesses choose digital transformation, the customer must remain at the centre of it.
  • Australians are one-click customers, demanding “better convenience, greater control and instant satisfaction.” Fortunately for the disrupters and the digitally savvy, this means customers are also fickle – happy to seek out the competitor who can deliver the experience they expect. This ties in closely with the increasing intensity of customer brand evaluation, meaning a bad experience can easily drive customers to switch – and encourage others to follow suit.
  • Digital isn’t just about the website or app you release into the wild, it’s about internal alignment of all a company’s assets (people, networks existing systems, data) toward a shared goal. This is a difficult, but invaluable destination to reach.
  • Tech is rapidly evolving, with hyper-connectivity, cloud computing, robotic tech and AI. Companies need to keep one eye on the horizon to ensure they don’t fall behind before they’ve even begun strategising their digital transformation

*This is calculated by subtracting the % of Australian consumers unsatisfied with their digital experience from the percentage of those who are delighted.

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