Given that it is Privacy Awareness Week, we wanted to share updates on the Government’s agenda for privacy reform that will impact both large and small businesses. The reform pertains to the concepts of consent, ownership (is it yours or are you a custodian?), usage, automation and AI. Expectations are rising to protect data – whether it be yours, your clients’, suppliers’ or employees’. We encourage all clients to consider the data you capture, how it’s captured, where it’s stored and whether your published policies, such as Cookie Policy or Privacy Policy are adequate.

With the increased levels of cyber-attacks and data theft, it is also important to arm yourself against hackers. That’s why Lenox Hill’s tech team have designed a new suite of WordPress Security and Maintenance packages, which can be applied to Lenox Hill hosted websites.

Our packages include

  • Security Protection – providing enhanced security measures on your site

  • Security Protection & Maintenance – providing enhanced security measures on your site plus ongoing monitoring and quarterly maintenance

  • Security, Maintenance & Insights – combine our Security Protection & Maintenance package with the creation and maintenance of a Google Analytics dashboard

If you would like to learn more about these packages, get in touch.

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